The Artist : Lewna Tsuki

Life is Like Art...You Create It.

Lewna lives in Denver, Colorado, USA and is a single mother of a 14 year old son and 22 year old daughter. She works as an Executive Assistant for the State of Colorado and is a Crypto Enthusiast, despite being rather new to the avenue.

Having had an interest in art since a young age, she decided to pursue it more seriously when she was 13 years old. She began her journey in anime and then expanded into fantasy based art. Her interest in art grew as she grew, and she started to explore the many different avenues of art, including photography, textile patterns, interior decor, writing and poetry, singing and more. Later on in years, she learned how to make handwoven/strung jewelry, art with charcoal, graphite, marker, and acrylic paint as well as graphic art. In more recent years Lewna has been learning digital art, including digital portraits.

Lewna graduated from Kaplan College as a Pharmacy Technician and then later from the Community College of Denver with an Associates of Fine Arts. Her main inspiration and mentor has always been her father, who is also an artist. Some of her favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Michelangelo, and Van Gogh. You can see some of her artwork at

The Inspiration for FooCuties

As a single mother relying solely on her income, there have been many times where I have had to face an near empty-refrigerator with growing kids in the house. Having had to deal with sorting out which bills to pay, and which bills can wait (with late fees attached on), I can relate to the suffering that many families in poverty face.

I have been fortunate enough to lift myself (with the help of others) out of poverty enough to not have to wonder where my next meal is, but there are so many out there who have not been able to. With the pandemic hitting, many more are now facing the same situation or worse and the need for help grows ever more.

My best friend is going through poverty and homelessness and is currently living with me as I help her to move forward and eventually get back on her feet. Having spent countless hours talking about the hunger that homeless and people in poverty face (and her experience with it), it definitely puts a spin on one's perspective.

I have been gifted with the ability to create art. I have always tried to use my gift to help others. I have made countless pieces of art for beginning streamers at prices way below their worth or free, in order to help them achieve their dreams with artwork that is much expected in the streamer community. I have donated art to charity auctions, and given away art as gifts to those who cannot afford it. Even commissions have been priced lower, because I believe that everyone should be able to have the ability to purchase custom art for their enjoyment at prices they can afford.

With my newfound passion for the Crypto World, creating an NFT collection where art can be made with charitable reasons behind it is a given. Having faced food insecurity myself in the past as well as helping to lift a friend out of homelessness, Hunger for a theme makes it even more personal. I look forward to seeing this project come to fruition and hope many others will be as well.

"We are all together in this dark universe. It's up to us to provide each other with the light."