When people hear of charities, they always think that in order to contribute or participate in the project, making monetary donations is the requirement. But that is not true at all!

There are many ways you can help the FooCuties project, and not all of them require you to give money. Below are both types of contributions that can be made to the project. If you think of any others, definitely let us know!

spread the word

To minimize costs, the FooCuties project will not be paying for advertising and will rely on good ole' word of mouth advertising to spread the word! You can help by reposting our Twitter and FB posts, Share our YT videos, and share the project with your friends and family, etc. We will really appreciate the support!

Charity stream

Are you a streamer? We would love if you could support us with a charity stream. Please look under the support tab for the streamer page with more info and a streamer pack that can be downloaded.


Would you like to invest in a Crypto project that has meaning behind it? Too much negativity is brought into the limelight and a charity NFT collection is meant to help bring some goodness to the public view. If you would like to participate in the project as an investor, please look at the Investor page under the support tab.


If you would like to donate monetarily and are not interested in the purchase of tokens/NFTs, you can submit a donation on its page under the donation tab. If you do purchase an NFT, you can also donate it back in our Recycling program! Find info on the donation tab as well.


Are you interested in having an interview for a video, twitter space, or article? Contact us with details and we can have a discussion about it!


Feel free to right-click and save our supporter badges below. Post them, Share them, Use them as Avatars. It's a great way to spread the word and shows your support visually!

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