Airdrop and snapshot dates have not been determined yet. This is to allow time for promotion of the project, to allow time for investors to opt in, as well as to acquire liquidity; otherwise the tokens will become valueless.

15% of the FQT tokens will be allocated for an Airdrop. Participants are allowed one trustline. Due to many bots and airdrop farmers, the following measures will be put into place to help minimize the amount of trustlines set. Although these have been set to prevent unfairness, we must remember that sometimes it is not completely preventable.

In the creation of tokens on the XRPL ledger, dozens and dozens of trustlines (over 1661 at the time of this writing) are set immediately by bots that scour the ledger for newly issued tokens. This creates an unfair advantage. To help prevent this, a trustline set date will be made at the launch of the project. Any trustlines that have been set before the trustline set date will be blacklisted from the airdrop. If there are participants who wish to re-enter the airdrop after the set date, a re-entry form can be filled out to validate that only one trustline is being set and that they are setting it after the project launch date. I hope that this will help with the unfair advantage.

To try to prevent farmers from opening several trustlines manually, a google form will be created. This form must be filled out before the Snapshot date and time. Any trustlines and forms filled out after that time will not qualify for the airdrop.

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Quick Rules:

  1. Airdrop is being done through the XRPL trustlines. This can be connected through the Xumm app.

  2. If you set the trustline before the release date of 1/23/2022, the line will no longer be qualified. We are accounting for time zone differences.

  3. If your line was disqualified because you set it before, you can fill out the re-entry form, located on our website at

  4. All participants must fill out the Airdrop Qualification form.

  5. SO, if you set the trustline before 1/23/2022, you have to fill out both forms. If you set it on or after 1/23/2022, you just need to fill out the Qualification form.

  6. Because of the differences in time zones, and to make it more fair, when the lines are added for the airdrop, they will be randomized.

  7. Only one trustline per person. I am blacklisting accounts we find that have more than one trustline set or if it is discovered you are an Airdrop Farmer…and believe me, I have been checking.

  8. Subject to change with or w/o notification.